Tour of the MixPre's Controls, Inputs, and Ports

In this quick tour, we run through all of the panels on the MixPre, including it's knobs, buttons, inputs, outputs, and ports. In this video we do the tour using the MixPre-6 (original), but the II Series is the same in terms of transport controls and input/output ports.

The MixPre-10 (original and II Series) use a joystick in lieu of transport buttons. Pressing up on the joystick starts recording. Pressing down starts playing of the last or selected clip. Pressing right scrubs forward when you are playing back a clip and pressing left fast reversed through a clip. When recording, the ring around the joystick lights bright red. When playing, it lights bright green. When the recorder is on but not recording or playing, the joystick ring LED is muted red. To stop a recording or playback of a clip, press on the joystick like a button.

The MixPre-10T and 10 II also have a switch which gives you two custom functions. Move the switch left to access the first configured function, right for the second.

The MixPre II series and MixPre-10T USB-A port can also be used to make auto-copy backups of every file you record.

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