Setting Gain Trim

How do you set the gain trim? Because the F8 and F8n have extraordinarily clean preamplifiers with lots of gain, you get more headroom to prevent clipping. Let's look at how to set the optimal trim level.

NOTE: When most people are getting started at recording and they follow the advice we give here (set peaks to -24 to -18dBFS), they often feel disappointed when they download their audio clips to their computer and play them back because they're, "...too quiet." This is intentional. This means that you left enough headroom for the unpredictable laugh or yell. Then in post, you won't have any clipping and you can loudness normalize the audio to the right levels. You can do this without risk of raising the noise floor too much because the preamps are so clean (assuming you use a microphone with reasonably good self-noise performance).

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